Original of the month, May

Stac Pollaidh across Loch Sionnascaig

Watercolour and ink sketch

Painted on the same expedition as ‘Suilven from Loch Sionnascaig’ (March), this was painted in the early morning as the sun was beginning to feel warm on the small, pink sand beach where I was drinking my breakfast coffee. It shows Stac Pollaidh from a more unusual angle although ‘she’ is still uniquely recognisable. The reflections in the almost-still loch were tricky to capture but I gave it my best shot before paddling back in my kayak.

Size 12″ x 9″

Price: £98, mounted in ‘antique’ white (unframed). Price includes UK postage.

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Original of the month, April

Late Summer Clouds, Assynt


A classic view of Canisp and Suilven, the Assynt giants, from the well-known viewpoint between Lochinver and Clachtoll.

Late August, the trees are still in full leaf but there are ominous dark clouds gathering, casting deep shadows and fleeting shafts of light on the mountain slopes.

I painted this pastel in the studio, and took a photograph of each stage of the process, to create a detailed, ‘step by step’ guide to how I approached this painting. This step-by-step guide is now available to purchase and will be sent by e-mail as a PDF file.

Size approximately 35cm x 20cm, plus mount and frame

Double-mounted in a textured ‘antique’ white and framed in a modern, lightly distressed, shallow profile, dull silver frame.

Price: £230

Being a pastel, this painting is too fragile to be sent by post and will need to be collected from Lochinver. Alternatively, delivery might be possible by arrangement. Please contact me for options.

Late Summer Clouds, Assynt

Canisp close-up

‘Late Summer clouds, Assynt’ Step-by-Step painting guide for amateur artists, students or anyone with an interest in learning to paint with pastels.

Files will be sent by e-mail in PDF format, including the original reference photograph.

Anyone purchasing this step-by-step guide will have access to follow-up advice should you have any difficulties in following the instructions.

Price: £25

This product will be added to the ‘shop’ soon but in the meantime can be ordered using the contact form.

Original of the month, March

Suilven watercolour

‘Suilven across loch Scionnascaig’

Watercolour and ink sketch

Continuing with the quick watercolour sketch theme, this one was painted in early summer, during a kayaking expedition on Scionnascaig. It was the most perfectly calm day, but not yet warm enough for the worst of the midges (and in any case I had my escape plan – they don’t come into the middle of the loch!)

Perhaps more drawing than painting, this one has just a subtle wash of colour aiming to capture the stillness and slightly hazy warmth of this gorgeous day, with not another soul around.

Size 12″ x 9″

Price: £98 including double mount (in ‘antique’ white) and UK postage.


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Original of the month, February

‘Split Rock’


This small watercolour sketch was produced quickly on the spot, as a demonstration for a client during an organised sketching day around Assynt. We started the day sketching coastal landscapes from Clachtoll broch before tackling the impressive and unusual Split Rock.

A pleasant, if rather cool, day in early September, the water was a myriad of green tones which were quite tricky to capture, especially in a lightening-fast demonstration! But I reckon I caught the feel of the scene, which we were lucky to have to ourselves that day.

Size approximately 16 cm x 24 cm. Sold unframed, double-mounted in textured ‘antique white’

Price: £90 which includes UK postage


Original of the month, January

Original of the month, January

Afternoon sunlight, Horse Island’


This pastel was painted a few years ago and I found it hiding in my studio. One I always liked, I felt it was time to give it an airing!

This was the view from my house, when I lived in Polglass, Achiltibuie and it’s still one of my favourite views in the whole world. I spent many blissful hours watching the light change across this magnificent landscape, and I especially loved it on the more dramatic, stormy days when the rainclouds would briefly part and bathe the Summer Isles in brilliant, golden light. The next moment the rays would touch the Dundonnell and Fisherfield mountains behind, leaving the islands in deep silhouette. I have tried to catch one such afternoon here and I think anyone who knows the area well will recognise this kind of weather!

Size approximately 35cm x 20 cm, plus frame

£180 (not including delivery/postage) This is a special, reduced price as the painting is older stock, but this in no way reflects how I feel about the painting!

This pastel painting is sold double-mounted in off-white and in a distressed, ‘antique’ gold frame which matches the colours very well. I can’t sell pastel paintings unframed as they are too fragile. As this is not a very large painting I might be able to organise postage, although collection (or delivery, by arrangement) is far preferable.

Please use the contact form or send an e-mail ([email protected]) to secure this painting.

Original of the month, December

‘Split Rock & Clachtoll salmon bothy’


Memories of summer at the glorious white sand beaches of Clachtoll, Sutherland. The iconic ‘Split Rock’ draws the eye and in the distance we can see Cul Beag, Stac Pollidh and the Coigach peninsular across the water.

Painted in artists’ quality watercolours on Arches paper and double-mounted in Antique White, this would make an ideal Christmas present for someone who loves our pristine beaches and clear, turquoise waters.

Size approximately 39cm x 19cm

Price, including double mount and UK postage: £145

This painting is now sold.

Disappointed? Ask me if I can paint something similar. Commissions always welcome, within reasonable time constraints.

Original of the Month, October

‘Scots’ Pine’

This smaller watercolour captures the intricate texture of bark on the trunk of a Scots’ pine. The tree I used for inspiration is growing within the magnificent Inverewe Gardens on the shores of Loch Ewe in Ross-shire. The distinctive dark red bark glows richly in sunshine and once I began painting I saw many other colours adding to the complexity of this most beautiful and ancient of species.

Watercolour and pen

Size approximately 25 cm x 18cm

Framed price £180

Mounted only price £120

Prices include postage (within the UK)

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Original of the month, September

Summer storm clouds, Balnakeil’


Size approximately 58 x 42cm

This big, dramatic pastel was painted from a photograph I took on an incredible summer’s day a few years ago. Although brooding clouds were gathering, the machair was in full bloom and it was very warm; silvery sunlight glimmered on the pools left by the retreating tide and I wished I’d had my sketchbook. I did, luckily, have my old Pentax camera and took some wonderful photos, which I then proceeded to lose. Imagine my delight when I came upon them during a clearout. Usually I dislike using such old material for inspiration but this day was still fresh in my mind.

This is a large painting in a heavy, rustic (though modern) wooden frame and I can not send it by post. It will need to be collected from Lochinver or personally delivered, by arrangement (extra cost to be discussed)

Framed pastel: £750

Original of the month, August

Peaceful Afternoon’, watercolour

Painted on location on a beautiful afternoon after kayaking across the bay to Baddidarroch, this view looks out to sea and towards Coigach, on the horizon.

A simple, quickly-painted watercolour, approximately 12″ x 9″, sold in a double mount (Antique White)

£120 including UK postage. Please use the contact form to purchase this painting.