/Scottish Landscape Paintings for Sale/

Here are a selection of Signed, Limited Edition Prints available for purchase online.
I have original paintings on display (and for sale) in various venues around Scotland. Please contact me for an up to date list of where my work can be found, originals I have for sale or to enquire about commissions.

  • Stac Pollaidh - Scotland Landscape Painting

    Stac Pollaidh

    One of a set of 4 coloured pencil drawings, this one depicting the famous Stac Pollaidh from a favourite "secret" beach near the Green Loch, a short but rough trudge from the road alongside loch Badagyle. An ideal and secluded picnic spot as well as a perfect vantage point for the mountain. 1993 Limited edition prints. Size: 25cm x 18cm Original Medium: Coloured Pencil
  • Suilven from the Kirkaig Falls Path - Scotland Landscape Painting
    The well-trodden path to the Falls of Kirkaig from Inverkirkaig eventually leads to the much more serious scramble up Suilven, looking very docile here on a fine September day. The blue of the Fionn loch and the heathery path depicted in this coloured pencil drawing encourage the viewer to undertake the expedition! Created in 1993. Limited edition prints. Size: 25cm x 18cm Original Medium: Coloured Pencil
  • Winter in Coigach: View to the mainland from Tanera Mhor - Scotland Landscape Painting
    Cold mid winter's day, painted (inside!) in December or January 1993 while I was living on the island of Tanera Mhor. Brief walks, accompanied by my cat, brought great views towards the mainland. Judging by the white caps on the waves in this picture, I would have been stranded on the island on this day! Coloured pencil drawing using Caran d'Ache pencils on heavy cartridge paper. Winter in Coigach (Ben Mhor Coigach as seen from Tanera). Limited edition prints. Size: 25cm x 18cm Original Medium: Coloured Pencil
  • Old Dornie Harbour and the Summer Isles - Scotland Landscape Painting
    This is the classic Summer Isles view, from the hill above Altandhu. A viewpoint here now sports a bench where visitors can feast their eyes on the breathtaking and seemingly endless view of islands, mountains, beaches and fishing boats in the small harbour or out at sea. This coloured pencil drawing captures the 'layers of grey' so common in the area, and was created in early spring 1993 Limited edition prints. Size: 25cm x 18cm Original Medium: Coloured Pencil
  • Ruins at Achlochan - Scotland Landscape Painting
    The view from my previous home, so one I have spent many hours gazing at in many different moods. For this view of Ruins at Achlochan pastel I chose April, when the sea is often a soft indigo blue and the reed bed (once a home to corncrakes) a pale straw yellow, contrasting wonderfully with the rusty roofs of the cottages. In the bottom laft of the painting is the ruin of a stone house built upon an iron age "broch" and offshore is the Black Isle. Limited edition prints. Size: 37cm x 18cm Original Medium: Pastel on Card.
  • Tanera from the Mast Hill - Scotland Landscape Painting
    The "Mast hill" is a small hillock above Polbain, upon which is a TV mast; unimpressive in itself it provides a fantastic view over the Summer Isles, Loch Broom and to the mountains of Assynt and up the coast towards Reiff. Capturing the whole of Tanera in a painting can be tricky due to its elongated shape but this is a perfect angle. Along with "Harry's House" this was painted in summer 2000 Limited edition prints. Size: 37cm x 18cm Original Medium: Pastel on Card
  • Harry's House (across Loch Broom from Polbain) - Scotland Landscape Painting
    One of a set of 3 pastels painted in 1999 for the opening of a new gallery premises. "Harry's house" gazes over Loch Broom towards Ullapool, Bheinn Ghoblach and the Dundonnell mountains. I used a little artistic licence here by not including various sheds, cars and telegraph poles which would have 'spolied' the otherwise idyllic summer scene. Harry's House across Loch Broom from Polbain. Limited edition prints. Size: 37cm x 18cm Original Medium: Pastel on Card
  • Loch Oscaig - Scotland Landscape Painting
    Coloured pencils on smooth cartridge paper, 1993 Loch Oscaig is one of three lochs bordering the beautiful single track road from Achiltibuie. In this picture you can see the fluffy, white "bog cotton" which decorates the damp areas of the hills and lochsides in June. Limited edition prints. Size: 37cm x 18cm Original Medium: Coloured Pencil
  • Achmelvich in Summer - Scotland Landscape Painting
    The beaches of Achmelvich are 3 miles north of Lochinver and are known for their perfect white sands and incredible turquoise waters. The colours are vivid even in dull weather, but on a sunny day the beach rivals any in the Caribbean and the cliffs are full of wild flowers. This was a hot day in July 2010. The large pastel painting shows "Vesties'" or the "hidden" beach and is looking south. Although there is a popular camp site on the main beach at Achmelvich, I have chosen not to show it as I prefer to show the area's untouched, solitary side. Very limited edition prints on watercolour paper. Size: 25cm x 18cm Original Medium: pastel on card.
  • On Tanera Beag - Scotland Landscape Painting

    On Tanera Beag

    This medium sized work is fairly detailed for a pastel painting and very evocative of the rocky, grassy Summer Isles scenery. Looking towards the mainland from the isle of Tanera Beag you can see Suilven, Cul Mor and Stac Pollaidh in the distance, as well as Ben Mhor Coigach and Achiltbuie on the far right. Early summer 1995. On Tanera Beag, view towards the mainland from the Summer Isles. Limited edition prints. Size: 38cm x 25cm Original Medium: Pastel on Card
  • Rocks and Heather - Scotland Landscape Painting
    While always impressed by the huge mountain vistas of this area I also love focussing on close-ups of the rocks, lichens and tiny flowers which are often passed by unnoticed, although they all contribute equally to the overall scene. By creating this largish 1994 pastel from a 'ground level' position I think the viewer is able to 'smell' the hill and fully experience the walk without actually doing it! Rocks & Heather (The Fiddler). Limited edition prints. Size: 25cm x 38cm Original Medium: Pastel on Card
  • Achnahaird Beach - Scotland Landscape Painting
    Despite the moody sky, this was actually a perfectly pleasant summer day in August 1994. The light and colours around Achnahaird beach are always changing and despite the appearance of rain clouds, they didn't actually deliver on this day. The painting is pastels and pastel pencils on card and shows the famous lineup of Coigach mountains: Cul Mor, Stac Pollaidh, Cul Beag and Beinn an Eoin. Limited edition prints. Size: 38cm x 25cm. Original Medium: pastel on card